The Game of Music Discovery- An Introduction

These days the competition for our attention is stiff. Media giants shovel us so much content it seems there’s barely any mental real estate left for new, independent work of any kind. Which is why I’ll keep this blog post pretty short.

In the mid-2000s my high school friends and I could ride around listening to a solid CD for months. Now new artists are like the pimples I rocked junior year: they pop up from out of nowhere, get big for a bit, and before you know it they’re gone and have been replaced by a completely new wave.

That said, some new talent is always bound to leave their mark and everybody loves being first to the party. Everybody takes pride in having “been on” the hottest new artist since before they hit the charts.

Hailing from Chicago, I’ve seen this talent scout contest play out with Kanye, Chance and every promising artist/band in between.

But the new challenge for musicians, record labels, and all music stakeholders is this:

How can we make music discovery meaningful for both artists and listeners?

The answer to this question is UpNext.

The Game of Music Discovery.

UpNext is the mobile game of music discovery where every user runs their own virtual record label. The objective of the game is to scout talent and build the best label possible. The talent are real new & emerging artists. Sign artists to your label and then increase your label valuation with the real-life success of your artists. Compete amongst your friends and peers to see who can recognize talent first!

We started this UpNext journey about 1.5 years ago for two main reasons. First off, we want to give up-and-coming talent a vehicle to get the exposure they deserve from distracted and disengaged listeners. Secondly, we want to let listeners put some skin in the game and give them good reason to keep an ear to the streets for what’s next.

Now the difficulty is trying to hit these two diametrically opposed birds with one stone.

What better way to engage the crowd then competition? We want to see who’s really got the best ear for talent.

This game plays on the core components of fandom and influence that reside in us all. As we grow we’ll constantly refine aspects of the game so that we can maximize the value for both artists and listeners. Our goal is to create an environment where musicians need fans as much as the fans need the artist.

We have a unique opportunity to turn something that was once a mundane process into the ultimate fun and engaging discovery tool.

We have just released our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to a private group who will help us test out functionality this summer. If you wish to also play around with this early version of UpNext hit the "Get App" button below.


Follow us and grow with us, along this UpNext journey!

- Ayinde Arnett, Cofounder/CEO

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